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Build Your Gift Bag

Choose Your Gift Bag

In this step, you will choose a gift bag. You can build one box at at time, once you're finished the last step and end up in your cart, you can then go back to the Build A Gift page in the header and build another gift bag! (To order multiples of the same gift, you can adjust quantity in your cart)

Add-on Gifts

Here, you add the gifts to your gift bag! These typically hold up to 5 items, or more depending on size of products. If you're unsure if the gift bag will fit the items, feel free to contact us!

Choose Your Card

In this step, you will choose a greeting card!

Handwritten Card Message

In this step, you will fill out your card for your recipient. Please fill out the field designated to the card you've selected. This step is optional, as you can choose to leave it blank and write it yourself!

We are building your box.

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